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Eric Cowdery, AttorneyWho wouldn’t want a deep thinking rock star for an attorney, especially one who isn’t afraid to show his soft side by being the proud owner of a Schnorkie? Yes, we checked – it’s a real kind of dog. Eric Cowdery’s original career choice was to “make it” in the music industry as a bassist in a rock band (warning: don’t ever ask him to sing). Thankfully for us, he ultimately decided to develop the left side of his brain, obtaining Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Philosophy before attending law school at Golden Gate University.

Eric has a common sense, down-to-earth approach to practicing law. His time with the Solano County District Attorney’s office honed his natural litigation skills, providing him with significant courtroom experience, including jury trials. Moving into family law was a no-brainer decision that marries his strengths of zealous, level-headed advocacy and ability to compassionately relate to others.

While he may have questionable tastes for diner salads and decaf coffee, his legal instincts are spot-on. Eric guides his clients through the complicated family law system, keeping them focused on their goals and the big picture. He instills confidence in his clients, allowing them to live their lives in the “real world,” while he protect their interests in the “legal world.” Eric’s work ethic and dedication to his clients is obvious even within a few minutes of seeing him in action. He’s the real deal.

Although some might consider Eric a nerd due to occasional evenings spent playing Dungeons and Dragons, if you look at his bucket list, you’ll see that he is actually something of a daredevil. In fact, he’s actually been known to ride a bicycle without a helmet! Baby steps, right? While Eric doesn’t technically have spare time due to being a father, when he isn’t working, you’ll see him spending time with his wife, two sons, and of course, Fillmore the Schnorkie.

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