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Navigate Your California Divorce with Clarity

Accurate legal information shouldn’t be locked behind expensive attorney fees

Do Your Own Divorce

Obtain the knowledge you need to take control of your own divorce with the help of our video series that walks you through the California divorce process. Join us as we go step by step with detailed explanations of required court forms, including shortcuts and insider tips that will help you avoid common mistakes. Get started now, or read an overview.


Calculate Your California Divorce Expenses

Plan your financial future with our free Spousal and Child Support calculators. These two divorce tools, based on California state guidelines, calculate tailored numbers to project your financial future associated with the divorce.

Let us help alleviate some confusion and concern regarding spousal support. Start with our spousal support calculator to provide some clarity on what potentially lies ahead. Calculate Spousal Support.

Use our child support calculator to help estimate your child support obligation under California Child Support Guidelines. Calculate Child Support

Calculate Your California Divorce Expenses

Plan your financial future with our free Spousal and Child Support calculators. These two divorce tools, based on California state guidelines, calculate tailored numbers to project your financial future associated with the divorce.


Download Official Divorce Forms from the California Family Law Court

Download the official divorce forms necessary to complete the process in California. When used in conjunction with our guide, you’ll gain a level of comfort and a better understanding of divorce and all related topics, including spousal support, child support, and child visitation.

When it comes to your divorce, you have questions, and we’ve got the answers. This guide provides a roadmap of the California divorce process from beginning to end to help aid you in deciding the next chapter in your life. Read the Divorce Guide

Access the legal forms and follow our guide to successfully file for divorce in California. Start Filing for Divorce


Child Support in Ten Steps

Child support in California can be confusing. This guide is a roadmap that will give you a preview of what to expect and what mistakes to avoid. Read the guide.

Legal Information and Guidance for Every Step of Your Divorce

Divorce is more than the end of a marriage. Find answers for every process and move forward with confidence. Learn more about topics like Spousal Support, Child Custody & Support, Domestic Violence, and more. Eliminate uncertainty and protect your future.

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Become knowledgeable in all aspects associated with divorce in California.

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Child Support

Your children are important, and so are your finances.

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Learn how you may be affected by spousal support in your California divorce.

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Child Custody

Your rights and future relationship with your children.

The reality hits swiftly. It knocks the wind out of you and leaves you on the ground in a daze. Once-cherished dreams and promises of your future lay shattered next to you. You’ve entered into a nightmare that wipes your prior day to day life away, leaving the future bleak and unknown. Keep reading.

Frequently Asked Divorce Questions

How long does the divorce process take?

California law requires a waiting period of at least 6 months and one day after the Petition has been served. Often times though, divorces take much longer than 6 months to resolve.

How long do I receive/pay alimony for?

If your marriage is under 10 years, a good rule of thumb is to expect to pay/receive support for one-half the length of the marriage. Marriages over 10 years in length are considered to be long term marriages, and chances are that there will be no automatic termination of spousal support after a certain period of time.

We have an agreement for our divorce, and we just want to get that entered. Do we really have to go to court?

In many cases, people complete their divorce through paperwork and never appear in front of a judge. At the same time, you need to be very careful that your agreement is drafted very carefully and that it is properly filed so that you are actually legally divorced.

My spouse cheated on me, and I want to tell the court that so they will know our divorce is his fault. Can I do that?

California is considered a “no fault state,” which means that the Court cannot make orders against the other side solely because the divorce is his or her fault. In general, your judge will not be interested in the reason for your divorce unless it has a direct and negative impact on your children.

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