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Domestic Partnership Dissolution in California

Ending a Domestic Partnership in California

A California dissolution of domestic partnership ends the partnership and restores both parties to the status of single individuals. It can also involve orders regarding child custody and visitation, child support, partner support, property division, debt allocation, and attorney fees. Continue learning…

Domestic Partnership: Where to Begin

Divorce Articles and Resources

Articles & Resources

Learn the details of dissolution of domestic partnership in California and prepare to protect your future. 

California Divorce Forms

Forms & Videos

All the forms you need to file for dissolution of domestic partnership in California along with video instructions. 

California Domestic Partnership Statutes

Domestic Partnership Statutes

California domestic partnership law. The technical, legalese filled rules governing your separation. 

Do Your Own Dissolution of Domestic Partnership

Start using the free guide for completing your dissolution of domestic partnership with help every step of the way.

Domestic Partnership: Prepare Yourself

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