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Costs for completing your divorce are displayed by default. Choose "Post-Judgement" if you've already obtained your divorce and are seeking counsel for issues arising post-divorce.
Circumstances of Your DivorceLegal Implications Affecting Total Cost

Biological and/or Adopted

Additional forms, docs, and issues that need to be resolved

Either digital or on paper. Verbal agreements tend to be disputed down the line.

Agreements need to be in writing and cover important details. Oral agreements tend to skip over these details, resulting in future disputes.

Sole proprietorship, 1099 worker, contractor for a company, etc.

Unlike a W-2 employee, income from a self-employed indivual can often include cash, non taxable perks, business write-offs, and other difficult to capture sources of money.

Real means real estate: land, home, timeshare. This does not include cars, retirement, bank accounts, life insurance, etc.

Tax consequences, including capital gains, deductions, refinancing, division of net equity.

If yes, is the higher earning spouse opposed to paying?

Spousal support is not based on a formula, it's a balancing test that captures a picture of the maritial standard of living a persons need for support, a person's ability to pay, and a number of other factors that are not based on a formula.

Estate value is your net worth including retirement, savings, home equity, life insurance, vehicles, and other assesable valuables.

The greater the value of the estate, the more assets there are to divide, resulting in more complex tax and estate planning.

Fees range: $8000 - $10000

*Does not include trial

Circumstances of Your DivorceLegal Implications Affecting Total Cost

Legal speak for violation of court orders.

Contempt is a quasi-criminal action that often involves multiple court appearances.

This includes changing the monthly amount or terminating child support.

Child support modification requires court, preparation of documentss, attending hearings, etc.

Includes change of time share or scheduling.

Custody modification often requires multiple hearings, preparation for mandatory child custody counseling. Moving is a subset of custody modification.

Anything that would disrupt the current parenting schedule or violates previous mandates by the court

Moving is an automatic trial issue that typically spans anywhere from 6-12 months of litigation.

Payment schedule, amount, anything outside of the original order.

Modifying spousal support post-judgment automatically requires trial and typically requires multiple hearings.

Fees range: $5000 - $8000

* This includes trial

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