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Spousal Support in California

Understanding California Spousal Support

In California, the court-ordered amount of money that is paid from one spouse or domestic partner to the other is referred to as “spousal support” or “partner support.” It can be paid while the case is going on, called “temporary support,” and it can also be required after the finalization of the divorce or legal separation, called “permanent support.” Continue learning…

Spousal Support: Where to Begin

Divorce Articles and Resources

Articles & Resources

Learn the details of alimony in California and prepare to protect your future. 

California Divorce Forms

Forms & Videos

All the forms you need to file for divorce in California along with video instructions. 

California Spousal Support Statutes

Spousal Support Statutes

California alimony law. The technical, legalese filled rules governing spousal support. 

Instant Spousal Support Calculator

Our calculator is based off the formula utilized by all courtrooms in California and is published in the family law statutes. The support figure that this calculator generates is commonly referred to as “guideline” and is typically what a courtroom will use to determine your monthly payment.

Spousal Support: What to Expect


Spousal support is divided into temporary and permanent support. These terms can be a bit misleading, since what the law means is prejudgment and post-judgment support. Put another way, you may be entitled to receive or obligated to pay support during the course of your dissolution proceedings as well as after the divorce is finalized…

Spousal Support: Prepare Yourself

Common Law Marriage In California

Common Law Marriage in California

Every so often, we’ll receive a call from someone in a “common law marriage” situation who is looking to split from their partner and need assistance with property matters or…

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