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#3 Adoption

61 minutes
Host: Josh Clark

Download: Mp3 (25 MB)

Adoption is the topic in this third installment of the Law Office of Cristin Lowe podcast series. In this episode Cristin and Josh sit down with Azizeh E. Rezaiyan to discuss some of the many ins & outs, and ups & downs in the world of adoption. As a Psychotherapist with over 15 years of experience and an adoptive parent herself, Aziezeh offers top-notch professional advice with a valuable real-world frame of reference that only a mother can offer. Aziezeh discusses some of the most important personal and emotional questions that couples and individuals must consider when contemplating adoption. Listen along as Cristin, Josh and Aziezeh huddle around topics and offer tips on doing some of your own “emotional homework” that will help to lay the foundation for a healthy and happy adoption.

Topics include:

  • Legal Rights and Obligations
  • Emotional Development and Pitfalls
  • Reflective Questions and Personal Assessment
  • Forming a Dynamic with the Child
  • Helping the Child to Develop a Personal Identity

Special Guest: Azizeh E. Rezaiyan

#2 “DIVORCE-RESOURCE” Podcast Series

In this four-part Podcast series the title says it all. Josh and Cristin sit down to discuss some of the fundamentals of divorce. This series provides listeners with a resource for understanding some of the basics of divorce and receiving answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding legal representation.

Part 1: DIVORCE BASICS: Child Support, Spousal Support, Child Visitation

12 minutes
Host: Josh Clark

Download: Mp3 (11 MB)

With “support” and “visitation” being two of the most common issues in just about any divorce, our office tends to focus most heavily on these complex areas. In this discussion, Cristin covers some of the various factors and situations that are involved in determining support and visitation, letting listeners know what to expect when working out these issues and how they can better set their sights on a brighter future.

Part 2: DIVORCE BASICS: How Our Office Works

10 minutes
Host: Josh Clark

Download: Mp3 (9 MB)

Many people are curious about what goes on behind the scenes at a law office. While the professional relationship you form with your individual attorney is the heart of your legal representation, a law office is often made up of an entire team of supporting professionals. At the Law Office of Cristin Lowe, we pride ourselves on being able to offer uninterrupted legal service. With a team of associate attorneys, paralegals and legal assistant staff, the Law Office of Cristin Lowe is able to perform with great efficiency, respond to situations in a swift and timely manner, and offer clients a personal and individualized experience. Listen in as Josh and Cristin discuss our office’s unique and meaningful attributes, while touching on some of the strict technical aspects surrounding “legal advice.”

Part 3: DIVORCE BASICS: Getting Started With Your Divorce

10 minutes
Host: Josh Clark

Download: Mp3 (9 MB)

In this episode of the Divorce Resource Podcast series, Cristin discusses some of the basic requirements for starting the divorce process. Along with clearing up some common confusion surrounding the initial steps of divorce, Cristin and Josh discuss the process of establishing a realistic time-frame for the divorce process as clients look towards their future. Listen in as the two discuss basic rights, obligations and realistic expectations.

Part 4: DIVORCE BASICS: Property & Living In The Same Home

13 minutes
Host: Josh Clark

Download: Mp3 (11 MB)

In this episode, Cristin covers one of the most widely misunderstood areas of divorce: Property. From homes and bank accounts, to silverware and heirlooms, the process of divorce requires an in depth evaluation of many forms of property. On top of this, there are many common misconceptions regarding the division of property that only add to the anxiety of divorce. Armed with quality legal representation, clients are better suited to understand their important rights and obligations in this area of divorce. Listen in as Cristin explains how top-notch legal advice and a firm understanding of California law provides clients with the protection they need when dealing with some of the more tangible aspects of the divorce process.

#1 Family Law and Therapy

53 minutes
Host: Josh Clark

Download: Mp3 (50 MB)

Although divorce is fraught with legal technicalities and tedious procedures, there is an often overlooked element of personal, emotional and even spiritual growth and awareness that deserves just as much attention as the mechanics. In this Podcast, Attorney Cristin Lowe and licensed therapist Mey Saephan discuss some of the underestimated intimate and individual dilemmas that many people encounter, as well as explore some of the stressful demands of the divorce process on parents and children alike. Throughout the interview, our guest speaker looks to deliver professional, real-world insight on the common issues that people and their children face during divorce. Being entirely prepared for divorce is rarely the case, but these speakers attempt to put many of the typical anxieties of the divorce process at ease, with a combination of expert family therapist insights and top-notch legal information.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Stress Reduction and Anger Management Tips
  • Protecting Children During Divorce
  • Common Parenting Struggles
  • Co-parenting Strategies and Suggestions

Special Guest: Mey Saephan

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