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The Law Office of Cristin M Lowe

A passionate team of divorce & family lawyers dedicated to helping you manage one of the most difficult times in your life.

What just hit you, threw you down on the ground, and knocked the wind out of you? The dreams you once had for your future are shattered, the promises made broken, and now, you’re in a walking nightmare with no way to escape. You’re being told it doesn’t matter what your life was like before and to just deal with it.

How did this happen? You’ve suddenly developed a new vocabulary filled with words like reimbursement claims and dissolution and community property. Your dirty laundry has been aired out in the public hallways of a courtroom, on the nasty Facebook posts by those you once called family, and in the whispered gossip by your neighbors.

When did you lose your identity and become reduced to a case? Time with your children is now quantified by percentages, and you are no longer there for every milestone in their lives – after all, that isn’t “fair.” You’ve lost autonomy over your life and are now being told how to speak, talk, and act. Your motives are questioned, your integrity doubted, and if you dare to use your voice, you’re told that you’re wrong or that the law doesn’t agree with you.

Deep in your heart, you know you need help. You’re on a sinking ship with no raft, no life preserver, and no land in sight. But the help that’s out there? Well, they’re called sharks for a reason, right? Are you really supposed to just hand over the remnants of your life to a lawyer?

Lawyers are arrogant and cold. All they care about is your money and billable hours and checking off the boxes until you’re just another case in the books. They’re frequently too busy to talk to you, the paralegals they pass you off to don’t know how to help, and on the rare occasion that you can actually speak with your attorney, you’re so obviously a nuisance that by the time you get off the phone, you can’t even remember why you thought speaking with your attorney would help.

The legal world is slow, cumbersome, and archaic. Your attorney expects you to be able to open Word Perfect files, even though you’re pretty sure the last time you used the program was in the 90s. Two day shipping has become slow to you, but not compared to the two weeks it takes for your attorney to assemble a motion and have the court runner bring it to the courthouse for filing. You waste fifteen minutes of your time on the phone with your attorney’s assistant, trying to explain how the Dropbox file you sent over can be accessed.

Then there is the court system itself. You’re somehow expected to survive the two months it takes to get a hearing date and see the judge. The documents all look alike, you can’t understand what any of the terms mean, and you’re treated as though you’re stupid when you don’t double hole punch or staple the right papers.

We understand.

Like you, we’re mothers, fathers, siblings, and parents. We’ve survived divorce, struggled through custody battles, and learned how to blend families. We know the fear of stepping into a courtroom, of feeling foolish, and of being the only one in the room who doesn’t know what is going on. We’ve suffered through loss, stood up to abuse, and come out the other side stronger. We’ve been there and lived our own stories, too.

Helping you is more than a job – it’s our passion. We want to see pictures of your children and share in your excitement of obtaining a new job. We want to celebrate your successes and help you back on your feet after your failures. We want to learn more about who you are and what makes you unique. We want you to feel comfortable trusting your life to us. We are inspired by you, your strength, and your story, and we are honored to be part of it.

Meet the Divorce Attorneys Behind Cristin Lowe Law

We’re passionate about empowering you with knowledge, allowing you to enter divorce with the clarity and foresight to find a new beginning.

Cristin Lowe - Divorce Attorney CFLS
Cristin M. Lowe

Cristin’s grandma, although disappointed that she didn’t follow in the family footsteps of becoming a medical doctor, grudgingly gave her…

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