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Some children victimized by abuse and neglect at the hands of their own parents can be rescued through the establishment of a guardianship. Guardians have full legal rights and responsibilities for their wards. It is an honorable and rewarding position that these guardians voluntarily undertake.

In uncontested guardianships, the parents realize that they cannot provide adequate care for their child(ren) and consent to another person being appointed as their child(ren)’s guardian. In these situations, an attorney can assist you with preparing all of the paperwork and represent you in court to ensure a smooth transition and successful award of guardianship.

When one or both biological parents contest a guardianship, we work with all parties in an attempt to reach a mutually acceptable and workable solution. This may involve allowing the biological parent(s) to continue visiting with the child(ren) or structuring a way of providing the biological parent(s) with updates. A gentle, compassionate approach is absolutely required in these emotionally tense situations, yet due to the high stakes, we remain firm and committed to my client’s position, providing the client with strength. By placing the child’s needs first and foremost in conjunction with my two-prong approach of offering both strength and compassion, this results in the best possible outcome for all involved parties, including the child. Please contact us today to discuss your guardianship case.

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