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Not all family law matters have to be heard in front of a judge. A good number of cases reach a final resolution without the parties ever having to step into a courtroom. Often times, these agreements are made with the assistance of a trained professional. As a certified mediator, Attorney Cristin M. Lowe offers these services.

Mediation offers several benefits to divorcing couples with differences they need help resolving but nevertheless want to avoid an all-out war or expensive litigation. Divorce mediation is faster and more inexpensive, and it generally leads to a better outcome for all concerned, due to the collaborative nature of the process. Furthermore, settlement agreements that are reached through mediation are highly likely to stand the test of time. More than 75 percent never need mediation again. This can likely be attributed to the fact that the parties feel empowered due to their control of the process. When they finalize their divorce, they do so on their own terms, by their own agreement.

In general, parties who are able to put aside their differences and maintain the mutual goal of resolving their case and thereby controlling their own lives ultimately walk away happier, more confident, and at peace with the final outcome. More importantly, parties with children are able to maintain a civil, business-like relationship that is unscathed by the potential permanent damage of a bitter, heavily litigated divorce.

As a mediator, Cristin is not retained by either party, nor does she advocate for any particular person. Her role is to be neutral, to help the parties explore the issues that must be resolved, to create common ground between the parties, and to ensure that they are fully informed and aware of the dissolution process.

Mediation is a cooperative process. In order for mediation to be successful, both parties must respect the process, each other, and the mediator’s neutral role. They must be willing to accept that it is likely impossible to receive everything that they want. The goal must be to reach a fair, amicable, and reasonable resolution that both parties can accept.

Even when mediation does not result in a full settlement, the process can still be beneficial. The parties learn that they are able to successfully resolve some of their problems, and that it is possible for them to work together in collaboration. They are also able to reduce the number of issues at hand and therefore reduce the final, overall cost of litigation.

While Cristin does not personally represent either party when she serves as a mediator, clients receive the benefit of having their case handled by an experienced attorney who knows the law, knows the court process, and knows what has successfully worked for other clients. If you feel that your case may be suitable for mediation, please contact our offices to discuss your matter.

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