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When parties have children but have never been married, they have a paternity action under California law. Paternity cases are unique from divorces in that the issues are limited to child custody, visitation, and child support. For the sake of your child or children, it is essential to reach a swift and speedy resolution to any issues involving them. An attorney with a strong hand is needed to guide you through this process in order to end the conflict as quickly as possible. At the same time, because children are the focus of a paternity case, a good deal of compassion and sensitivity is also required.

Each county has a different approach to mediation, which is required under California law before a Court can enter orders regarding custody and/or visitation. As our attorneys solely practice family law in the Bay Area, we are very familiar with each county’s mediation process and can prepare you for the process, ensuring that you are able to effectively communicate your child(ren)’s needs and wants to the mediator.

Additionally, child support is another key issue in paternity cases. All children need support from both parents, financially and emotionally. We will ensure that the proper amount of child support is established and that both parents are contributing to the support of their child(ren).

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