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Contra Costa County COVID-19 Update · 8 May 2020

Highlights of the Latest for Contra Costa County Courthouse: (updated as of 5/8/2020)

* This information was obtained through an informal “Town Hall” meeting and is not part of any formal press release or amendment to the Emergency Local Rules. There has been no update to the Family Law Emergency Local rules since 4/27/20

  1. Court Closure
    • The Court anticipates and plans on being able to reopen to the public on June 1, 2020, but that is subject to updated local, state, and federal practices, recommendations, and orders.
    • Upon reopening, expect strict social distancing protocols, including being required to wait outside the courtroom and/or courthouse.
  2. Court Hearings
    1. Remote hearings via Zoom will be considered the preferred and normal practice, with the exception of domestic violence restraining order matters. The Court is planning on using Zoom through at least the end of the year. When trials re-commence, they will occur via Zoom. For parties who are unable or unwilling to use Zoom, appearances will occur via telephone.
    2. All trials in excess of a day scheduled through September 2020 will likely be vacated.
    3. Only restraining order hearings will be expected to be in person.
    4. Emergency hearings that did not occur due to the court closure will be the first priority.
    5. There are approximately 1,500 – 2,000 matters that need to be rescheduled over the next three weeks.
    6. DCSS Commissioner Donovan is offering informal Case Management Conferences in her department for hearings missed in March, April, and May. Tentatively, all hearings currently scheduled to occur in June and July will go forward as planned.
    7. All other family law departments continue to offer informal Case Management Conferences (CMC) if the matter is truly ready for a CMC.
  3. Judgments
    1. All Judgments submitted prior to the shut down have been processed. Judgments submitted in April are currently being reviewed.

For a complete set of the Emergency Local Rules ›

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